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Evenement: Webinar COVID-19 and Psychosis

Datum: 25-06-2020

Tijd: 21:00 - 23:00

Locatie: online

What can we learn from experience during Covid-19 crisis from service users, family members and professionals? 

The corona crisis has brought significant changes to our interactions with each other. One of the objectives of ISPS is to investigate the relationship between psychosis and the environment. Now that there are profound changes in the relationships between people, this is a unique opportunity to learn from experience, including learning about the strengths of psychosis susceptible people. Last month the Executive Committee of ISPS sent out a call for Coronavirus stories to all people who would like to talk about it. During the webinar of June 25th we will bring all these stories together. In the first part of the webinar (90 minutes) there will be a trialogue between a person with lived experience, a family member and a professional around three questions, organised with Rachel Waddingham as the moderator. In the second part of the webinar (30 minutes) a summary of the Coronavirus stories ISPS received will be given by Margreet De Pater. Debra Lampshire will be the moderator for all the panellists who can engage in discussion with the participants of the webinar. 

Een van de panelleden is Ypsilondirecteur Bert Stavenuiter.
Deelname is gratis. Let op: de voertaal is Engels.

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